Current Members

Greg Baker

4th Year PhD Student: EPSRC Industry Strategy DTP

Shannon Farley

1st Year PhD Student | More Info

Niko Jenek

ERC Research Associate | More Info

Jacob McMullen

2nd Year PhD Student: Presidents Scholar | More Info

Joseph Parr

3rd Year PhD Student: Schrödinger DTP Scholar | More Info

Sarah Patrick

2nd Year PhD Student: React CDT | More Info

Marina Perez-Jimenez

Margarita Salas Fellow | More Info

Andreas Phanopoulos

Research Associate | More Info

Georgina Rai

1st Year PhD Student: React CDT | More Info

Aabidah Rana

MRes Student: React CDT | More Info

Feriel Rekhroukh

Research Associate | More Info

Daniel Sheldon

4th Year PhD Student | More Info

Benedek Stadler

2nd Year PhD Student | More Info

Balazs Striker

Msci Student | More Info

Aaranjah Vickneswaran

1st Year PhD Student | More Info

Hodan Warsame

1st Year PhD Student | More Info

Wenbang Yang

2nd Year PhD Student | More Info


Former Members

Research Associates

  • Nikolaus Gorgas (2023) - Schrodinger Fellow (Uni. Vienna)
  • Maria Batuecas (2022) - IberusExperience Fellow (Uni. Zaragoza)
  • Nicholas Phillips (2020) - Senior Synthetic Chemist (SAVA)
  • Tom Hooper (2019) - Ad Astra Fellow and Lecturer (UC Dublin)
  • Clare Bakewell (2018) - Ramsay Fellow (UCL), Lecturer (KCL)
  • Bryan Ward (2018) - Consultant, Brookes Bell
  • Andreas Phanopoulos (2016) - JSPS Scholarship University of Tokyo (Nozaki Group); Research Associate (Williams Group)
  • David Palomas (2015) - Teaching, Queen Mary University
  • Olga Ekkert (2016)
  • Shuhui Yow (2013) - Royal Dutch Shell
PhD Students

  • Daniel Mulryan (2022) - Trainee Patent Attorney, GJE Intelluctual Property
  • Richard Kong (2021) - Research Associate (Lancaster Group)
  • Ryan Brown (2021) - Research Associate (Pugh Group)
  • Martí Garçon (2021) - Research Associate (Costas Group)
  • Greg Coates (2020) - Ineos
  • Wenyi Chen (2018) - Research Associate (Miller Group)
  • Samantha Lau (2018) - Research Associate (Chaplin Group);Research Associate (Webster Group)
  • Alexandra Hicken (2018) - Grants Adviser, Barts Charity
  • Michael Butler (2017) - Academic in Residence, London Academy of Excellence
  • Adi E. Nako (2014) - EPSRC Prize Fellowship; JSPS Scholarship Riken (Hou group); Research Associate (Liddle Group)

Prof. Mark R. Crimmin

Mark R. Crimmin graduated from Imperial College London in 2004 and completed a MSc by research in organic synthesis at Bristol University under the supervision of Prof. Aggarwal. He received his PhD. in main group chemistry and catalysis from Imperial College London in 2008 supervised by Prof. Mike Hill (now at Bath) and Prof. Tony Barrett. In the same year, he was awarded a Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 research fellowship which he took to UC Berkeley to study with Prof. Bob Bergman and Prof. Dean Toste. In 2011, he returned to London as a Royal Society University Research Fellow, initially at UCL and now back at Imperial. He was appointed as a lecturer in 2011, Senior Lecturer in 2016, Reader in Organometallic Chemistry in 2019, and Professor in 2021. He is currently the Director of Research for the department of chemistry

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