Rowan Bailey

Rowan grew up in Essex and moved to Bath to complete his integrated Master's degree with Industrial training. During his year in industry (3rd year), he researched hydrogenation strategies using Ruthenium based technologies at Johnson Matthey Cambridge. Rowan's Master's project then took him back to the University of Bath where he investigated and telescoped the application of Cu-NHC catalysis for in-situ formation of phosphines with subsequent hydrophosphination reactions with heterocumulenes under the supervision of Dr David Liptrot. Following his graduation from Bath, Rowan spent a year at the Astrazeneca site in Macclesfield as an analytical chemist. Here he utilised a range of analytical techniques to support the release of critical drug compounds and developed new analytical methods for analysis of early stage pharmaceuticals. Rowan currently studies at Imperial College London as a PhD student having graduated with an MRes as part of the React CDT programme. His project focusses on the development of novel light-mediated carbonylation reactions which are otherwise not feasible by conventional thermal methods. The project is in collaboration with the Crimmin and Miller groups and industrially funded by BASF. In his free time Rowan enjoys trying new foods and participating in a variety of sporting activities, with a love for motorsport.