Jacob McMullen

Jacob grew up in Wagga Wagga, a small city in rural Australia, before moving to Canberra (a slightly larger city) to complete his Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Honours) at the Australian National University. In his final Honours/Research year he investigated the reactivity of molecular magnesium hydrides towards small molecules under the supervision of Dr. Jamie Hicks. Craving even more hustle and bustle, he moved to London in 2021 to join the Crimmin Group as an Imperial College President’s Scholar. His PhD project involves exploring how reactive main group reagents react with C–C bonds and developing the C–C bond activations for molecular editing applications. Upon moving to London, he became weirdly fascinated by the common squirrel, fell in love with the tube and developed a strong dislike for High Street banks (don’t get him started). When not in the lab, Jacob enjoys going to the gym (perhaps a little too much), finding new plant-based eateries, engaging with all sorts of sci-fi/fantasy material and developing his wine and gin palate.