Aabidah Rana

Rana grew up in Oxford moving to Southampton for her integrated Master’s degree at the University of Southampton. Here she completed various research projects including a summer internship with Professor Robert Raja working on potential routes to sustainable Nylon-6 production using biomass as a feedstock. Her third-year research project in Professor Marcel Utz’s group focused on the kinetic modelling of a catalytic cycle. In her final year she worked at STFC ISIS Neutron and Muon Source with Dr Helen Playford in the crystallography group, focussing on synthesising doped TiO2 with microwave assisted hydrothermal synthesis. After university Rana travelled and worked in NHS admin back in Oxford before starting the CDT React program as a MRes/PhD student at Imperial College London. Her project focuses on developing new zinc catalysts for selective hydrogenation of alkynes, alkenes, and nitriles, in collaboration with the Crimmin and Miller groups. Rana likes to try new restaurants to recreate dishes at home, going to the theatre and crocheting.