Marina Perez-Jimenez

Marina received her degree in Chemistry at the University of Sevilla (one of the sunniest cities of southern Spain). She continued her studies in Sevilla, first as a Master student and later as a PhD student under the supervision of Professor Ernesto Carmona and Dr. Jesus Campos. Her work has been focused on synthesis and reactivity of dimolybdenum complexes containing quadruple metal-metal bonds. In the middle of her PhD, she went for a stay in the University of Berkeley, California, to work with the group of Professor T. Don Tilley. After finishing her PhD, she stayed as a postdoc for some months in her PhD group developing new bimetallic FLP systems that contain first row transition metal atoms. Then, she was awarded with a Margarita Salas Spanish fellowship to join the group of Professor Mark R. Crimmin at Imperial College London.